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My name is Dallas Rush, and I am one of the nation's leading Home Based Business experts. I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I jumped into this industry with both feet back in 1997. After years of struggling, I finally discovered the little known truth to adding dozens of new reps into Any MLM, Network Marketing or Home Business on a WEEKLY basis.

Behind The Curtain


Subject: Are You Ready To Peek-- ?Behind The Home Business Curtain??

 I'm going to warn you up front, most of what I have to share with you will go against everything your company and trainers have taught you. You might even get offended at some of this information, but I promise that you'll get to see behind the curtain for the first time and discover what separates the top performers in the Home Business Industry from the 99.4% that fail to make it.

Let me guess... When you first started your home based business, you painstakingly made a list of family members and friends who you knew might want to take advantage of your products or services and if you were in MLM or Network Marketing you might expect that some were just "dying" to hear about your "hot" new product or business opportunity. After buying your "starter kit", you began handing out promotional literature, DVDs, and fliers to your neighbors and co-workers, maybe you even got some fancy business cards.

You're talking to everyone who steps within 3-foot of you about the power of your "amazing new products and/or opportunity." You attend every meeting provided by your manufacturer or trainers, sit up front and hang on to the presenters every word, you even take notes, and you've memorized the entire compensation plan

Chances are you might even lose some sleep at night getting excited about all the people whose lives are going to change the moment you expose them to your products/services or "millionaire maker" business opportunity. You've even set some big goals, bought a Tony Robbins book or two, got your own website, and you know it's just a matter of time before you're picking out that sleek new sports car with the custom license plate or the huge estate home you and your spouse have been eyeing.

Maybe you even thought you'd get a head start and bought some leads paying anywhere from .50 cents to as high as $5 per lead for the double dipped triple verified leads who are even supposedly looking for your exact product, service or opportunity?

If that sounds like you, please prepare yourself, because I have some news that I feel obligated to tell you. As a fellow Home Business Owner, this is from my heart, here it goes...

It ain't gonna happen!

At least, not using the methods that you're being taught currently. It was hard for me to hear those words for the first time after nearly 11 years of working my tail off in this industry.

Now don't get discouraged, I'm here to HELP you, not dash your dreams.

It's not your fault that your chances of building a successful business are slim to none. How can anyone expect you to be successful in ANY home business when they are giving you tools and strategies that directly contribute to the failure of 99% of all independent distributors in the Wholesale to Retail business, in MLM and every other type of network marketing business out there?

I've become so ticked off over the years watching companies teach old, out-dated, and pointless business building strategies to their distributors, that I couldn't take it anymore!!!

I discovered the little known truth that makes 1% of all home business owners wealthy, and I'm doing it. I didn't plan on sharing this knowledge initially, but I started to feel angry and guilty when I thought about all the good people who are going to be stuck selling to friends and family, using outdated marketing methods and a heart full of broken dreams.

You're about to get an 11-year education in a matter of minutes.

What you'll learn is easy, fun, and it's going to make you a thousand times more successful than anything you've ever done. You have my word.

First, I gotta clear your head of all that hype. I know you've been to a bunch of meetings, and have had tons of promotional propaganda poured directly into your brain. I'm going to reach in and yank that stuff out. It's not just nonsense, it's keeping you from achieving what you signed up for in the first place... success.

So, hang on to your we go.

When I graduated high school in 1997 I joined the Air Force, I was injured and was medically separated, from that point I had to do something while I was rehabilitating, so I started in my first home based business.

I was mesmerized and excited! All those circles and diagrams just made sense to me. I asked my sponsor, "Is that ALL I have to do? Just go find 3 people who find 3 who find 3 and then it will explode off the chart?" His answer was "Yes, work hard, set big goals, and it WILL HAPPEN if you are patient and have a 'Do Whatever It Takes Mindset'."

I was a true believer! I spent years and thousands upon thousands of dollars on seminars, leads, advertising, and how-to books for my business. I spoke to everyone that came within a few feet of me. I would even spend hours at malls and social events handing out brochures and sample packs to anyone that made eye contact with me.

I put tens of thousands of promo cards on windshields, mannequins in department stores (looking back on that it seems quite funny). I dragged countless friends and family members to hotel meetings and actually sponsored many of them.

Seminar after seminar, convention after convention, I got pumped up and excited only to watch as my new distributors fell off the face of the planet. I was doing everything my upline was telling me to do and more, but my business wasn't getting any bigger. In fact, my downline was like a revolving door, I would recruit two new people and then two others would disappear.

I spend the next 4 straight years trying to build my business alongside trying to keep my wellness business afloat, yet I never achieved my big dreams. I never even came close. How could someone who worked as hard as I did... FAIL?

I started to ask some questions about the way things were being conducted within my company and within the industry as a whole; hard questions that I should have been asking all along.

What I found was the "Statistical Industry FACTS", and it was frightening.

To my amazement, here's what I uncovered.

Let's review what we were all taught when we signed up:

* Make a list of your "warm market" (family, friends, co-workers)
* Find 3 people who find 3 people who find 3's that simple!
* Talk to everyone that comes within 3 feet of you
* Purchase plenty of product, literature and samples
* Get a company replicated web site
* Do home parties
* Bring guests to meetings
* Do 3-way prospecting calls with your upline
* Set big goals and stick to them and don't reinvent the wheel
* Stick to the "SYSTEM"
* Keep doing what you're doing and don't quit!

The truth is ...those strategies DO work really, really well, but... NOT for YOU!

And, not for me or the 99.4% of home business owners that eventually fail.

These tactics work for "the COMPANY" and the top "BIG DOG" distributors. You know - the ones who are up on stage and in the limelight?

These methods create a constant revolving door of distributors or retailers, thousands upon thousands at a time, all with big dreams and the willingness to plop down the $200-$500 to get "signed up."

Here's some quick proof. Do you think the BIG DOGS are doing the things they're telling us to do, the things that I just listed above?


If they did, they'd be getting the same results you've been getting ...right?

Am I saying that the companies and BIG DOG net workers are evil? Of course not, some of the nicest people that I've ever known have been in this industry. However, they have a business to run, and that is getting lots and lots of products in the hands of consumers in the easiest way possible.

Here are the FACTS...and rest assured every company knows them well.

Over 95% of distributors will do the following:

* Spend between $100 and $500 to get "signed up"
* Sponsor an average of 2.5 distributors that do the same (or retail between 4-6 products)
* Quit within 90 to 120 days
* Are 16.27% likely to remain using the product or service themselves

Companies build an ENORMOUSLY profitable business on those FACTS.

The enthusiasm of new enrollees and their dreams of making big money create a recruiting frenzy. In a relatively short time these companies can add hundred of thousands even millions of distributors and customers to their user base. Nearly all of them will eventually quit the business, but a sizable amount of hopeful distributors will keep trying to achieve their dreams...and buy more product.

Are you starting to get the picture?

To be honest, when I discovered these facts, I was pretty upset that I spent years of my life trying to build a business using tools that were never designed to work for me in the first place.

I almost opened up the big trash can and poured in all of my hopes of building a successful business. I was discouraged and frustrated at not being able to figure out how to create success.

And then happened! The single biggest event in my 11 years of being in business.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "When the student is ready, the master will appear"?

It was about 1:15 pm on Friday when I got a phone call from a gentleman who turned everything upside down and inside out. This was the question he asked me.

"Did I want to learn the art and science of marketing and the secrets to adding 20-30 people per week into my business?

My answer was "ABSOLUTELY!!!"

Not only were the curtains pulled back, they were yanked off the rod. I stepped into a virtual room that I've never seen before! In a short time I learned how to consistently add over 20 to 30 people per week into my business week in and week out without fail. Not just distributors, not just "enrollees," but a massive group of dedicated individuals that didn't need to have their arms twisted to join and consume my products.

In fact when you dive into my Home Business Success Report, nearly all of them will come to you ready to be a part of your business and consume your products and services as you learn these secrets as well.

I learned strategies that my upline and MLM company didn't know existed. State of the art methods to quickly build a huge and profitable distribution channel of users who WILL come to YOU wanting your products/services and opportunity.



I thought about sharing this information a little while back, but i was just too busy growing my business that I never got around to it. That changed for me recently when I had some time to reflect on what I've been so fortunate to learn.

I decided to provide this report that outlines what I learned and what I did to get where I am now.

This is the information that I wish I had 7 years ago when I first got started.

I've laid it out in plain, honest English. If you're going to work hard building your business, you deserve to know the truth. You deserve to have the success you want. To do that, you must have the right tools.

As a former struggling home business owner, I put this report together for YOU. It's up to you now to decide if you can let go of the "old ways" of doing business that have failed you and SO many others.

I've reached over and pulled back the curtain... now it's up to you to step inside.

If any of this has made sense to you and you want to know the secret e-mail me at
[email protected]

Disclaimer: Every week I'm dedicated to giving out 75 home business reports, that's all I have time for. If you're number 76, I apologize in advance, try getting your report next week. For now this information is free, but that may change as my peer group is encouraging me to put a price on this info. Your information will NEVER be rented, sold, or shared with anyone for any reason, and will only be used to provide you this information. You have my word and promise. Please fill out the form above ONLY if you are willing to do so in FULL, and with 100% accuracy.

Dallas Rush grew up in a small town outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. Dallas was raised by a single parent Kim D. Heath and Grandparents H.A. Gunter and Darleen Gunter. Having to move several times in his early years Dallas learned how to adjust fast. He was able to meet people, and never meet a stranger. His grandfather was his best role model of his life, instilling Values and Core Beliefs that could not be taught in the best of schools.  This led Dallas to write his book "The Stand In", a book about growing up in a single parent home, and having True influential people step in and be ultimate role models.

"I am forever indebted to my Stand-Ins, they are the reason I am able to lead".

?Dallas Rush

Now a Firefighter by profession with a background in sales, started his first of many businesses in 1997. After graduating from high school and entering Air Force, he injured his back and realized that his life in the military was short lived. After returning home Dallas would go through intensive rehab and recover fully. Because of the drive and determination for serving others Dallas would go on to apply at the Jackson, Tennessee fire department only to be turned down two years in a row. While waiting to get hired Dallas Rush became one of the youngest sales leaders at a major furniture retailer breaking previous records and finding his love for sales. Finally two years after applying for a fire department position, as fate would have it the new Fire Chief bought furniture from a colleague and now the door was opened. About a year after being hired on by the Fire Department Dallas realized this job and his passion would not afford him the lifestyle and financial independence he desired. Security was a plus but also a downfall of the Fire Department lifestyle. 

"I felt closed in knowing how much money my paycheck was going to be".

?Dallas Rush

Dallas's pursuit in the MLM arena started with Amway in late 1997 where he learned the basics of how to build a passive income stream through residual income. Once he was introduced to Charles Northcross a captain, business owner and contractor. His work ethic was contagious and he introduced Dallas to a company that furthered his life long passion of helping the masses. He joined Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing in early 2002 where he went on to become one of the youngest and most successful Regional Sales Managers. His upline Nation Sales Manager went on to start his own company in Memphis and Dallas was invited to be in the Founders Club. Dallas Rush was one of the developers of Menage Innovations power point, and one of the companies most sought after public speaker. He went on to achieve the position of Gold Distributor and Master Trainer. Currently Dallas is working with Mayor Pharmaceutical Labs based in Phoenix Arizona, this company has a product line called VitaMist Spray a vitamin delivery method that allows for up to 90% absorbsion. Dallas will be the first to tell you, the company is not the most important thing, you are.You must first sell yourself before you can sell any company. In good times and bad always be working on you! 


Dallas will tell you if you set your goals high enough there is nothing that will hold you back.

The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.
?Jim Rohn

Passionate Pursuit

Mentor. Visionary. Entrepreneur. All of these words have been used to describe Dallas Rush, but, as a 'servant leader,' Dallas's focus has always been finding ways to help others.

You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
?Zig Ziglar

Dallas and his team are responsible for helping a multitude of people develop and realize their dreams and goals. Guided by the credo, 'create leaders, not followers,' Dallas specializes in leadership development. His proven track record of success is evidenced by the words used to describe those he mentors and their success: top achievers, top income earner, etc.

Currently, Dallas's goals and the pursuit of his passion have made him a Master Trainer and Motivational Speaker. His business savvy and entrepreneurial expertise is internationally recognized and sought after.

Definiteness of Purpose

With a desire and definiteness of purpose to positively affect the lives of millions of people personally, spiritually and financially, Dallas's mentoring, training and motivation increasingly helps others open their eyes to life's possibilities.


"And the Borrower is servant to the Lender"
?The Greatest Book in The World and my owners manual. The Bible

An anonymous entrepreneur once wrote:
To look is one thing, to see what you look at is another, to understand what you
see is a third, and to learn from what you understand is still something also. But to
act on what you learn is all that really matters.?

A Wealth Mentality will
always precede wealth accumulation.

Dallas M. Rush

Success happens when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Freedom, to me, is being able to do things on your own terms. I believe that a person can't be personally free until they are financially free.
?Dallas M. Rush

In life you don't get what you want, you get what you picture.
?Dallas M. Rush

The deposit is first, the withdrawal comes later. You have to decide what you're willing to give up temporarily to get what you picture. ...success is not easy or convenient. However  . . .  success is very simple to obtain.
?Dallas M. Rush

...find someone who's been there, done what you are looking to do and who is willing to teach you how to do the same thing. ...follow the path they are going to set for you.  . . .  Success is much more obtainable when you have someone who is more experienced than you are and who has accepted personal responsibility for your success in life.
?Dallas M. Rush


If you want to avoid all the pitfalls I have talked about in the industry we can help you. We have a proven system backed by a huge guarantee not found in any other company!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

?Thanks for visiting my website today ? I wanted to start your education with a very valuable tool that will give you some great insight into the ways that a home business can be developed, some of the pitfalls of the home business / networking industry, and some strategies that you won?t hear about from ANY guru.  I think you?ll enjoy it.


You can access this report at:




One of the comments that I hear the most from clients, professionals or small business owners, is that they don?t get enough leads to grow their business on a regular basis.

But when I ask them what lead generation techniques they are using, most answer that they usually send e-mails, give a phone call, sometimes have a newsletter, go to networking (but don?t follow-up effectively) and stop there. And they are surprised that their business is not growing. Well, they use three or four lead generation techniques, but if you are using 10 or 15 lead generation techniques, you definitely will get more chances to turn your leads into clients.

So here are 16 easy lead generation techniques to turn more contacts into clients:

1. Exchange links with other entrepreneurs or websites that have the same target market as you, but are not your competitors.
This way, when people visit their websites, they see your link and come to check your website, which will bring you more traffic.

2. Have a mailing list box on each page of your website. 
You never know when a visitor will decide to sign up for your newsletter. So it is very important that you put a mailing list box on each page. 

3. Offer a free report or a free mini e-course.
Having a mailing list box on your website is one thing, but to make sure people will actually sign up, you need to offer them something that will interest them, something that will inform them and help them to solve one of their problems.

4. Send a newsletter.
Okay, people will sign up to get your free report. After that, it is your job to tell them more about your business, in order to build a relationship with them. Statistics show that people who don?t buy immediately will buy in the next 12 months. So, you need to make sure that you are always on the top of their mind, so when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you.

5. Use auto-responders to automate your website.
Set up a series of information messages about your products or services, and the benefit of using them. The messages will remind them about your services and, more importantly, remind them to come back and buy again from you. This series of follow-up messages will reinforce your relationship with your contacts.

6. Use software like ?Act? or ?Outlook? to automate your follow-up system, with people you met or who are already your clients.
Set up the different follow-up messages you want to send to people, then each time you have a new client, just enter his or her name, and the software will remind you what to do and when to do it.

7. Send ?Thank You? notes to your clients after they buy your products or services, and send them a card few weeks later with a special offer on their next purchase.
Keep the relationship going. In this age of technology, sending a handwritten ?Thank You? note makes you stand out from the crowd. You want to impress your clients or contacts, and want them to remember you.
8. Ask your clients for testimonials.

Testimonials from satisfied customers are typically the best way to promote your business, and it doesn?t cost you a thing. Stop selling and let your clients do it for you.

9. Write articles and post them on Articles Directories.
Writing articles is actually one of the best ways to get free exposure. Each article is a way to share your expertise with people, and again, to give a sample of what you do and how you can help them.

10. Publish a press release each time you have a new product.
As with the articles, it is a way to get free exposure and inform people, and the press, of what is new in your business.

11. Organize events, seminars, and teleclasses and promote them online.
This is another way to get free exposure, so even if people can?t come to your event, if they are interested in learning about it they will check your website, and sign up for the newsletter, to be informed for the next time. Plus each attendee is a new lead.

12. Do public speaking.
Schedule a public engagement every month or on a regular basis, so other organizations will promote your products and services to their newsletters and subscribers.

13. Offer a free consultation.

Again, people don?t buy from people they don?t know, so offering a free consultation breaks the fear. During the consultation, they will see how you can help them and the benefit of working with you.

14. Have an Affiliate Program so other people can sell your products and services.
Just because you are a solo entrepreneur or a solo professional, you don?t have to do everything on your own. So having an Affiliate Program is the easiest and fastest way to increase sales and greatly increase your profits. It is like having plenty of salespeople working for you, FOR FREE.  The more affiliates you have, the more access you have to thousands of people, who will see your products or services on somebody else?s website or newsletter. You are not the only one to promote your products anymore, you have a sales force.  Your affiliates promote your products or services for free and you don?t pay them until they generate a sale for you. When they make a sale, you will be more than happy to pay them a commission, since you would probably never have had this client otherwise.

15. Create partnerships/strategic alliances with companies or entrepreneurs who have the same target market but are not your competitors.
Would you rather meet a thousand people, one at a time, or meet a few people who will each introduce you to a thousand?  Most people see networking events as a place to get contacts one at a time or make one sale at a time.  Use networking events to meet potential partners, so you can cross-promote each other on your respective websites and newsletters, organize seminars or teleclasses together, do mailing campaigns together, etc. The benefit of it is that you will have exposure to their contacts while they have exposure to your contacts. That is a win/win situation.

16. Have a follow-up system that works.
Statistics show that we need to hear or see a message at least 7 times in order to notice it. So if you are one of those people who follow up only 2 or 3 times, you are losing opportunities to turn prospects into clients. That is why it is important not only to have a follow-up system, but to have at least a 7-step follow-up system in place.
To learn how to set-up a follow-up system, check out ?Power of Networking Secrets?.



Using systems in your business is the best way to grow easily and effortlessly, and most of the strategies that I just shared with you are free, so you have no more excuses.
All of these strategies work very well if you are starting your business, or if you need to refocus your business to get the result you are expecting after a few years. And when you are an established business, that is a way to keep growing.

So what is YOUR lead generation system?

Take some time to sit and think about it. Are you using 2 or 3 lead generation techniques, or do you have 10, 15 or more?  Make a list, as I just did. Which of your lead generation techniques works the best for your business? What other techniques could you implement today? Schedule a new technique each month, set up a date to make sure you will respect your marketing calendar, track the result for each technique, see what works for your business, and watch your sales grow.

Still need help to establish your lead generation system?  Want other ideas like this one to grow your business?  Learn more about ?Power of Networking Secrets?, a five-step program to turn more contacts into clients and more leads into sales.

You will learn: 1/How to create an outstanding business card, 2/ How to polish an elevator pitch which will hook your audience, so that people will remember you, 3/ How to create a seven-step follow-up system to turn more prospects into clients, 4/ How to use your newsletter to promote your products or services without hard selling, 5/How to create strategic alliances to grow your business faster.
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